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We are an award-winning agency, representing core lines, new innovative lines, classics everyone will enjoy, eco-friendly for the eco-conscious and just plain fun stuff!!



Super Market Days
Seattle Mart: NOVEMBER 4 + 5, 2019

Seattle Market Gift Show
Seattle Mart: JANUARY 22 - 27, 2020


Stop by and see new lines, new products and fabulous finds!


Visit us in Showroom 308 every Monday, or by appointment! 

What We Do

Sugar B Sales leads the way in customer relations and innovation in the Pacific Northwest. Covering the mighty states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska! Sugar B pledges to deliver the best in customer service for the unique products we represent – both gift and toy. Sugar B Sales has a wealth of knowledge with specialty and independent retailers, key accounts, online retailers and in designing private label projects for corporations and chains. Our Sugar B representatives are Hi-Tech engineers, using the most up to date technology in todays fast paced industry. We are progressive innovators with excellent management, peace-making skills, and the best in problem-solving. Sugar B Sales has six full time, professional road warriors servicing the dedicated retailers of the beautiful Northwest.

What We're Made Of

  • Solid Territory Relationships

  • Dynamic Sales Experience

  • Road Warriors

  • Peace Makers

  • Problem Solvers

  • Efficient and Timely

  • Strong Industry Associations

  • High Tech Order Management

How To Buy Our Cool Stuff!

  1. Visit Sugar B's Showroom 308 at the Seattle Mart, open every Monday, Super Market Days and all major shows. We have all the cool stuff!!

  2. Contact your Sugar B Representative. We are knowledgeable, tech savvy for fast input and efficient time managers. In other words we won’t waste your valuable time.

  3. Click our Collection page for full access to all our catalogs and more awesome info about our brand partners. Take a browse, contact your rep with your needs and your order is on the way!

  4. Sugar B gets techy with Sugar B’s Order Portal: It’s your online order-writing machine! With clickable catalogs, this order portal is as EASY as 1-2-3. Give it a go by clicking on this link - Sugar B’s Order Portal. Browse our lines by catalogs and images, all on your own time, 24/7. Our customers LOVE our order portal!

Seattle Mart | Showroom 308
200 SW Michigan St | Seattle, WA 98106
Talk: 425.277.5499
Fax: 800.783.9875
Write: contact@sugarbsales.com

Mondays: 9AM – 5PM or by appointment