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Sugar B REACH allows you to browse products, enter an order via clickable catalogs, and once submitted your rep will be in touch to confirm the order. 

Sugar B will review the order, suggest new and upcoming winners, confirm the terms and inform you of any specials. The order will then be sent to the vendor by Sugar B β€” it’s EASY as 1-2-3!!

Sugar B REACH is our Online Order-Writing Portal!

Sugar B REACH is open 24/7, so feel free to shop all you want, when you want! 

Want a closer look at any of our lines? We'll come to your store with samples in tote, or you can always visit us at the Seattle Mart Showroom 308. 

Sugar B reps are knowledgable about our products and equipped with the best technology to swiftly assist you with orders. We LOVE our customers and want to give you the best we have to offer!